SiteTracker - the Web-based rollout tool

SiteTracker – the Web-based rollout tool

Covering all your rollout requirements with SiteTracker

We want to help you manage your rollout as efficiently and flexibly as possible. SiteTracker is a web-based rollout software tool for controlling and monitoring large projects.


By opting for the SiteTracker rollout tool, you have chosen a software solution that includes all the tools and features you need for a successful rollout. It is especially suited to the requirements of projects that typically involve the repetition of the same or similar activities at many different sites. This is the case in large projects, among others, for instance in mobile communications rollout projects or in hardware rollout projects.

Rollout projects in particular call for a specific tool, as these types of projects push classical project management applications or spreadsheet programs to their functional limits. Project definition generally assumes that the project activities are unique, which does not apply to rollout projects. In this case, the repetition of recurring activities increases the degree of complexity, which can only be handled using a special rollout planning tool.

Use SiteTracker to save time when planning your rollout

  • The entire rollout plan is always to hand
  • Your rollout strategy with all facts and figures

SiteTracker provides all the functions you need for your rollout. You can use it not only to keep an eye on the status of your sites, but also to provide all project members with the information they need. SiteTracker helps you to plan your appointments and activities efficiently and to spot any potential delays in good time. SiteTracker even handles configuration management and data imports and exports via Excel with ease.

Our software is used by thousands of sites and workstations throughout the world for rollout planning. Would you like to find out how to design your projects more effectively? If so, arrange an appointment with us for your personal online presentation – tailored to your needs, free of charge and with no obligation. Do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to share our expertise with you and advise you on all aspects of the software.

See status overviews of all sites, individual sites or a group of sites at the push of a button.

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