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Solvum presented its SiteTracker rollout software

Solvum presented its SiteTracker rollout software

Friedrichshafen, December 14, 2011. The launch of the SiteTracker project management software at the PMRExpo in the Cologne Exhibition Centre in Germany was a resounding success. The PMRExpo is the leading industry meeting place for professional mobile radio. At the new Solvum exhibition stand, visitors were able to find out about the fields of application and benefits of the SiteTracker software.

Exotic item at the trade fair

“Visitors at the trade fair did not expect a new software solution”, explains Patrick Maurer, managing director of Solvum GmbH & Co. KG, “which is why we are especially delighted that we made such a positive impression on our debut appearance at the trade fair and also struck many new contacts. SiteTracker, our rollout management tool, enabled us to show the many visitors a solution that meets the challenges posed by projects of a repetitive nature: It compiles condensed overviews from endless tables at the touch of a button.”

Cost and time savings in rollout management

Controlling and monitoring projects that involve repetitive activities places complex and specific demands on project management software, because detailed information and identical activities need to be recorded and scheduled for an extremely large number of sites. SiteTracker takes into account the complexity of rollouts by enabling, for example, status overviews for several or for all sites to be displayed at the touch of a button, it significantly speeds up scheduling and maintenance of site data and display faults in the project status as soon as they occur. You can apply any subsequent changes to the schedule to all sites, if required, and do not need to correct sites individually. You can also see the progress of equipment configuration and installations at a glance.
Site-independent operation and individual authorizations
Another feature of a rollout project is the multitude of project participants who work at different sites and have different user privileges: project managers, employees, suppliers, partners or customers. As SiteTracker is entirely web-based and assigns privileges based on roles, it meets all the necessary requirements for successful rollout management.

Activities are repeated at different sites

A rollout project is characterized by the repetition of the same or similar activities. The repetition – for example, when setting up a mobile radio network – occurs as a result of similar activities at different sites or stations. Classic project management tools schedule non-recurring activities for each project. As soon as activities are repeated in the project, data needs to be copied and recorded hundreds of times, which is a very time-consuming process. This produces an overwhelming amount of information with hundreds and thousands of individual activities that are extremely time-consuming to edit, change and evaluate. This shows that a specific tool such as SiteTracker needs to be considered as soon as a rollout project becomes as complex as this.

About SiteTracker

SiteTracker is a modern web application for the flexible planning, monitoring and control of rollout projects. The software works on the basic notion that structures of complex rollout projects cannot be mapped fully using standard solutions. SiteTracker focuses primarily on project management during the rollout and installation phase. For example, installation problems and their impact on the schedule are recorded in precise detail as incidents and the entire equipment configuration can be managed within the system configuration divided into installation phases. Furthermore, the customer can define any other relevant project-specific information, enter this in the system and track it. Besides data collection, the project management software also enables you to monitor the entire rollout process. Progress bars and KPIs (key performance indicators) provide information on the status of individual sites and construction sites or the entire project at the touch of a button. The key features of SiteTracker include schedules with the actual plan, baseline and forecast, service programs with flexible data templates for collecting any relevant information, incidents, system configuration, status overview with progress display and KPIs, map display, flexible reporting, interfaces and global web-based and multilingual availability. The focus of scheduling is on the sites or construction sites.

About Solvum

The founders of Solvum GmbH & Co. KG, Markus Jäger and Patrick Maurer, have been developing individual software solutions for optimizing business processes for more than a decade.
In 2003, the development of the project and rollout management software SiteTracker was first commissioned by a global telecommunications supplier. Over the years, development on the SiteTracker functions has continued and the software has now become established in various sectors such as telecommunication, security and IT. Besides the applications that are already established, Solvum envisages further growth potential in renewable energies such as wind and hydro power.

Solvum was founded in 2002.

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