SiteTracker bursts open the inflexible structures of classic project management tools

Flexible structures

All activities in a rollout project take place around the site. As the activities for each project may differ, SiteTracker does not stipulate ,how the sites should be built, equipped or designed.
SiteTracker allows you to implement planning structures that match the exact requirements generally needed in the particular field. Navigating within the project structure is as easy as working with Microsoft Windows Explorer on your computer.

Uninterrupted monitoring

The generic concept of SiteTracker allows you to map all activities within a project. The activities are grouped in service programs. A service program comprises information and schedule fields. You are free to configure these fields as required in terms of the amount and type of data you enter, how you name it and group it. SiteTracker thus allows constant and uninterrupted monitoring of all incidents and problems during the life cycle of a site.

Identify problems in sufficient time

Besides pure data recording, SiteTracker offers complete monitoring of the rollout process. SiteTracker can generate an accurate status report at any time at any (life cycle) stage of a site. The integrated fault report system guarantees the continued support of all sites even once they become operational. Numerous interfaces and reports complete the SiteTracker concept.

Role-based privilege assignment

SiteTracker's authorisation concept is role-based. Each role (or even each user) can be assigned different authorisations or views within the system and/or the reports. As a result, project employees have access to different data within the system and thus the level of information between the users also varies. This ensures that you can control project information according to different target groups.

Customise project structures

You can change the implemented structures even after a project has started. You can customise service programs to suit individual requirements at any time even over the course of the project. In this way, SiteTracker grows together with its projects.


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