Task management

Working efficiently
with task management

Task management enables you to describe the tasks of a project member in detail and include them in the schedule down to the last minute. You can assign tasks to employees or teams (for example, by e-mail) and plan your resources based on these assignments.

Task management is an important tool for IT rollouts in particular, because exchanging of hundreds of computers or printers needs to be planned to the exact time and date. The team members can carry out their tasks using precise lists and, in doing so, contribute significantly to the success of the project.

Automated notifications – Informed project members

During the course of a project, new tasks are often added or existing tasks changed. If requested, SiteTracker sends notifications when changes occur, for instance, an e-mail to the persons concerned.

Clear allocation of tasks – Motivated teams

Keeping the team motivated is an important aspect of project management. Clear communication and a clear division of responsibilities ensure that all team members know exactly what is on their task list. Nobody is groping around in the dark or heading in the wrong direction. Blunders and unnecessary work can be avoided. A clear structure leads to a smooth rollout process and makes it easier to achieve the targets on schedule. The motivation within the team increases if the requirements are met to the satisfaction of all those involved.

With SiteTracker task management, your project is guaranteed to run efficiently with a motivated team.

pfeil_nach_unten_rot Tasks are assigned to teams or people.