Better planning with SiteTracker

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Status monitoring at a glance

Freely definable status overviews are available to you as project manager at all levels of the project structure. You see the current progress of any parts of the project at a glance based on activities and milestones.


Schedule dates and activities clearly

Devise your own schedule templates to suit your requirements. You can use the templates at any sites. Any changes made to the templates also affect the schedules at the sites, if required. Of course, any site-specific planning will not be affected.


Same information status for all involved

Using freely definable information templates, you can collect and maintain any site data in the central database. You are entirely free to choose how much data you want to enter, how you want to arrange it, group it or name it.

Identify problems in sufficient time

You can record all site-specific negative events throughout the project as incidents. Incidents may also change the schedule, enabling you to identify problems immediately and take corrective action as early as possible.

Configuration management included

Plan and track the entire equipment configuration and the installations within the system configuration. Keep a close eye on the progress of the construction in aggregate overviews. The database is made up of the parts catalogue and the modules and system administration.

Data exchange in one language

SiteTracker supports a wide range of import and export functions in Excel format. Reporting Services enable you to implement any reporting requirements.

Visualise sites on maps

Display sites with geographical references clearly on maps with status values. SiteTracker supports standard geographical formats as well as external sources, such as Google Maps, Bing and Yahoo! Maps.

Global cooperation

SiteTracker is 100% Web-based. Users can be involved in projects wherever they live. It does not matter whether they work from the office or away from the office during site construction.

SiteTracker is field-tested and for many target groups and ranges of use qualified ... (forward)