These are selected references from various industries in which Site Tracker is successfully used in the project:

fiber to the people
Fressnapf / Maxi Zoo
Global IT AG
NetCom BW
NTT Data
Value Plus


Marc Stehli, Head of UseIT Center Zurich
Siemens Schweiz AG

Siemens Schweiz AG

We are extremely satisfied with the Rollout-Software SiteTracker. SiteTracker has proven to be the perfect solution for rollouts, and even with advanced requirements, we gladly rely on the functionalities of SiteTracker. We appreciate the excellent customer service provided by the Solvum-Team. When facing any questions or issues, we can always count on their quick and competent support. We are happy to recommend SiteTracker to other companies that need a flexible and powerful solution for their project management.

Tamas Eiben, Process Manager Sales
Fressnapf | Maxi Zoo

Fressnapf | Maxi Zoo

We have been using SiteTracker very successfully for many years, especially for tasks that require consistent quality and traceability. With the help of advanced SiteTracker functionalities, we have established a holistic workflow for store openings and have already successfully handled hundreds of new store openings. The SiteTracker-App also makes things much easier for field staff because colleagues can, for example, edit checklists directly on their smartphones.

Abby Lienert, Information Security Manager
NetCom BW GmbH

NetCom BW

Since 2017, NetCom BW has been using SiteTracker very successfully to plan, implement and document its rollouts in Broadband-Expansion. Thanks to the solution-oriented and effective collaboration with Solvum, the challenges can be mastered very well.

Christoph Gräbe, Project Manager
fiber to the people GmbH

fiber to the people GmbH

A big advantage for us and our customers is the completely freely definable project structure. We can map any network typology or geographical structure. This, combined with the similarly customizable service programs and their data fields, makes SiteTracker a highly universal and flexible software. We haven't found anything comparable on the market.

Lars Hank, Head of Project Management Office


SiteTracker as Rollout-Software is great. The software allows for many options when it comes to automation, reporting and error handling Whenever I had questions, I always had pleasant contact and could work with one of the Software Developers to find solutions for more complex issues.

Christina Schmidt-Ketelsen, Managing Director
Atron Servíces GmbH

Atron-Services GmbH

We are very satisfied with SiteTracker because Solvum's corporate structure ensures that a contact person is always available and can act immediately. The software was often adapted to our needs at our request.

Jürg Baur, Project Manager
Abraxas Informatik AG

Abraxas Informatik AG

Sitetracker supports us in the rollout of 10,000 clients. Our customers' employees enter their orders after setting the launch date. The logistics partner then scans the inventory and serial numbers. Finally, during the rollout, the delivery proccess and any problems are reported, and this is all done in one tool. The project employees have access to the state of the rollout at any time - both via notebook and mobile - and if new requirements arise, Solvum helps to implement them easily.