Replacing hardware: PC rollouts, printer rollouts, server rollouts

SiteTracker really shows its strengths when it comes to planning and controlling extensive hardware and software rollout projects and setting up IT infrastructures.

When rolling out hardware and software such as printers, computers, monitors, servers, and so on at several hundred or even several thousand sites, there are many identical or similar activities that are repeated over and over. Setting up IT infrastructures is also a highly complex undertaking and classical project management tools soon reach their limits.

SiteTracker allows you to plan the entire project according to your rollout concept so that you have a clear overview. SiteTracker focuses primarily on project management during the rollout and installation phase. You can use scheduling and system planning (device set-up) functions, troubleshooting as well as a digital project file to organise your rollout project clearly according to your needs.

Replacing hardware: PC rollouts, printer rollouts, server rollouts

One of the biggest challenges in large rollout projects is keeping an overview. You have several hundred computers, printers or servers, which need to be transported to different sites and set up and installed there. According to your rollout concept, the old hardware needs to be removed and disposed of, for instance by a service provider.

There is only one tool that can combine all data and functions for controlling a rollout project, which also serves as a collaboration platform for you, your employees, partners and service providers. This tool also gives you reliable access to all status reports, incidents and tasks, allowing you to maintain an overview and stick to your project deadlines and budget targets for managing your hardware rollout. This tool is SiteTracker.

Smooth migration of applications and data centres

As soon as a company invests in the latest computers, servers or another location, data, settings and applications need to be transferred to the new system or new branch. You can enter each computer and server as well as the programs running on these in SiteTracker to provide a clear overview of the tasks to be carried out.

To ensure that application or data centre moves run smoothly, plan all activities, milestones as well as collaboration with external partners using the SiteTracker scheduling functions, taking into consideration the best date for the migration, known as the “move window”. Appointing a person to be responsible for the respective application helps to speed up the move.

One of the key advantages of SiteTracker is that you always have a clear overview of the current progress of your entire projects irrespective of the scope of the migration. Complex projects where system reliability and deadline compliance are essential succeed best if you work with a rollout tool like SiteTracker from the word go.

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