Other Rollouts

SiteTracker is the all-in-one solution for the control and monitoring of rollout projects.

SiteTracker includes functions for status monitoring, site management, scheduling, trouble ticket tracking and troubleshooting, as well as material and system management. The specific requirements for planning a rollout can be applied to any project, such as the development of IT infrastructures or hardware and software rollouts. These types of projects also have identical or similar repetitive activities. SiteTracker’s flexibility and generic approach means that it can also be successfully implemented in many other areas.

If your project has at least one of the following features, SiteTracker could also be the tool for you:

– The same or similar repetitive activities at many different sites and building sites (schedule management).
– Occurring faults – possibly affecting schedules (incident management).
– Equipment configuration taking into account parts catalogue and modules (system and material management).
– Central project file to manage almost all information – all the data is available globally via the Web
– Many identical or similar building sites with geographical reference (visualisation on a map).

SiteTracker is already well-established in the areas of telecommunications, defence and security. SiteTracker is used to manage more than 40,000 sites and building sites worldwide.
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